How to Participate in a 4th Church Service

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1st – If using Windows XP, select “START" 10 minutes prior to the beginning of a church service.           For example, open the Skype application at 6:50 p.m. on Wednesday.
2nd – Next, place mouse cursor on “All Programs.”
3rd – Look for Skype in the program list and place mouse cursor over “Skype.”
4th – Finally, click on the “Skype” application tab to open Skype.

Click on “arrow” (left of Facebook icon) to open “drop down menu.”

Select “Skype contacts”in “drop down menu.”

Within “Skype contacts” list, find “Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist New Orleans” and select that contact.

Be sure that you have configured your Skype application to allow auto answer.

When the church service begins, the Skype administrator for “fourthchurchneworleans” will call all contacts.  On Wednesday, this call would occur at 7:00 p.m.  Your Skype application should auto answer this call.

If you did not have the Skype application running when the 7:00 p.m. “call” from “fourthchurchneworleans” was issued, or if the “auto answer” feature did not work on your PC, you may invoke a “call” to “fourthchurchneworleans” until 7:10 p.m.

If you need to call, select “Call” from the menu bar.

Be sure that “Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist New Orleans” contact is selected prior to making a “call.”

Then select “Call” in the drop down menu.

The Skype application in your PC will submit a call to “Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist New Orleans.”

The “fourthchurchneworleans” Skype administrator can connect received “calls” up to 7:10 p.m.

When the Skype application in your PC becomes connected to “Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist New Orleans,” you should see a photo of the church sanctuary.  A timer below the photo displays the elapsed connection time.

Move your mouse pointer to  an area below the church photo and elapsed connection time display.

Be sure to “mute” your microphone by selecting the “Mute your microphone” icon that appears to the left of the “+” icon.  This will keep background noise from you as well as other participants from interfering with the church service.

If you see a red slash through the “Mute your microphone” icon, then you have successfully “muted” your microphone.  This eliminates background noise from disturbing other participants listening to the church service.

The “fourthchurchneworleans” Skype administrator can detect when audio is being transmitted from a specific participant.  If the audio is annoying, then that participant will be disconnected by the administrator for the remainder of the service.

Midway through the service, the testimony portion begins.  This usually starts between 7:20 to 7:30 p.m.

Church participants who are present in the sanctuary give their testimonies first and are asked to identify themselves by using first name only.

Once all testimonies from participants in the sanctuary are complete, the First Reader will invite Skype participants to offer testimonies.

If you give a testimony, be sure to click the “Mute your microphone” icon, to toggle the icon to “Unmute your microphone.”

When your microphone is “unmuted,” the red slash through it will disappear.  This indicates that your microphone is now receiving your audio and is being transmitted to “fourthchurchneworleans” and others participating via Skype.

When you offer a testimony, keep your microphone no closer than 12 inches from your mouth and no further than 3 feet.  Speak slow and loud.  Give your first name only and then offer your testimony.

When you have finished your testimony, remember to click on the “Mute your microphone” icon and observe that the red slash through the icon returns.

If your need to disconnect prior to the conclusion of the service, you may end your connection by clicking on the “End call” icon.

Otherwise, the “fourthchurchneworleans” administrator will terminate the call to all participants at the end of service.

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